czwartek, 7 kwietnia 2016

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About month ago, I ordered jewellery from Bornprettystore. Finally I get this last week, and I want to show You, what i choose this time!

You can see that last time I really like this type of neckleces. Now, I've got three in my collection, but I want more and more. I think that I will buy another one. This necklace from Bornpretty fits to every neck- I saw that it have long clasp. Matherial piece is made by suede. It looks really good! You can buy it HERE.

Now I choose two sets of rings.I felt in love with this vitage-style rings. In this sets, is a ring with black cristal, with deer (I love the most this one!), with gothic pattern, and many another. It fits to my fingers, and none is moving (sometimes when I buy from another shops rings like this, I can't wear it after my first bone, because it is too big, and it is too smal, to wear it after my second bone). They don't make my fingers green or blue, even when I wear them all day. You can by HERE first set, and HERE second.   
I think that now I choose really good stuffs. I think that they fit to my style, and I hope I won't lose it, and wear it all the time!

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